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Backed By Our 15-Year Warranty!

Our Denver Epoxy Garage Floor complete system has been trusted by homeowners and businesses alike. If you’re looking for a full epoxy floor system that will stand the test of time and look amazing you’ve come to the right place. We’ve completed floors many for homeowners and some of the biggest companies in Colorado and their proud owners.

We offer 1-Day Install, Car-ready in 24 hours and up to 15 year warranty!

If you’ve heard of University of Colorado Health then you know the caliber of our clientele and that they have the strictest requirements for quality and service – both of which we’ve met on multiple occasions. If they trust us with their clean rooms, operating room storage areas and emergency room closets; you can definitely trust us with your epoxy garage floor or commercial epoxy flooring needs. We can meet almost any requirement that you may have. Contact us today 303-219-1998

If you’re ready for an epoxy floor coating and a full epoxy floor system that beats the competition and will last as long as your 15-year mortgage then contact us today. Give us a call 303-219-1998 or complete the Contact Us Form.

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